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  1. Just send them to the recycling or throw them in the landfill right?

    It's the only thing for them surely......Or maybe make some rubber bands if we're being really creative......??

    How many of us has come home after a good, long ride out on the hill with punctured tyres, retired innertubes or broken chains, wheels and cranks?

    I know I have purposefully staked several brake shafts, and other artifacts into trees on the side of gnarly trails. A sort of tribute to the fact that I lived to ride the trail again with the added belief that next time I'll nail it....

    I've also made the trip to the recycling centre several times. Made me feel all warm and lovingly squidgy inside, thinking I'm doing my bit for the environment, by believing I'm giving them a future away from the waste pile.




    Here's where it starts to make you think.....Surely there are only so many trees you can add decorations to and only so many trips you can make, before you find youself asking the question? Just how many bits of bike and tube actually get recycled? And how many are produced every year?.....

    The answer to those questions, believe me will definitely lead you to where it led me.

    Which was 'What can you do with your old bits and pieces once they've seen through their life as part of your bike'.